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Vivum Group Celebrates 5th Anniversary

VIENNA, VIRGINIA (July 24, 2006). Vivum Group LLC celebrated the fifth anniversary of its founding today. Established on July 24, 2001 by W.A. Fitzhugh "Fitz" Lee as a commercial real estate consulting and financial advisory firm, Vivum Group has developed a reputation for creating highly sophisticated, intuitive software for the commercial real estate sector and now boasts clients in the United States and Europe, including leading publicly listed corporations.

Its flagship product, Vivum's Vista platform, is a web-based, comprehensive asset management, budget forecasting, financial modeling and performance management application. Among Vista's distinctive features is enabling clients to model each asset in their portfolio with different assumptions to create "scenarios." This allows the asset manager to test various assumptions to determine the feasibility of a particular financial or transaction structure. Vista also allows managers to immediately access data to create reports and analyze performance in real time.

"We started Vivum because we knew from our own experience in commercial real estate investing and asset management that the industry was not where it should be in harnessing the power of technology," said Lee, Vivum's Chief Executive Officer. "We have enjoyed the opportunity over the past five years to develop cutting edge software that has really made a difference in the bottom line of our clients."

"What distinguishes us from others in this area is our deep experience both as commercial real estate investors and managers and our expertise in technology. This allows us to build highly sophisticated software that works the way our clients work," continued Lee. "We want our products to be something that becomes a part of our customers' everyday work pattern; a tool they are using throughout their workday, not just something they open to retrieve a piece of information and then close, because only then can they really leverage the power of technology to solve their problems."

Having firmly established itself in the commercial real estate technology market, Vivum now plans to build on this through the expansion of its products and client base. "The first five years have been exciting as we tackled gaping holes in the technology solutions available to commercial real estate investors, but we believe the best is yet to come over the next five years as we continue to push the envelope of technology available to this market," concluded Lee.

About Vivum

Vivum Group LLC, founded in 2001, is a privately held corporation that develops commercial real estate asset management and finance software solutions. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. Vivum's mission is to develop intuitive, sophisticated software for the commercial real estate sector, bringing user-friendly technology solutions to decision-makers so they have access to the data they need to make lasting and substantial improvements in their property portfolios and performance.

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