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How Vivum Can Help Your Business

We bring user-friendly technology solutions to decision-makers.

Our commercial real estate software solutions provide cutting-edge, user-friendly tools to help our customers realize the most value out of their investments. Our products streamline business processes and provide the framework and architecture needed to support organizational growth and evolution. We will work with clients to ensure that you have the applications you need and to successfully integrate them into your company. The cornerstone of our applications is our Vista product.

Vista is a web-based, comprehensive asset management, budget forecasting, financial modeling and performance management application. Clients are able to model each asset in their portfolio with different assumptions to create "scenarios." Thus, with Vista, an asset manager can create and run as many scenarios on a specific asset as he/she likes. This allows the asset manager to test various assumptions to determine the feasibility of a particular financial or transaction structure. Vista also allows managers to immediately access data to create reports and analyze performance in real time.

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In addition, see our information related to Vista – our cash flow and performance management software application.


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