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At Vivum, serving clients is at the core of our mission. Our goal is to assist clients make lasting and substantial improvements in their performance and property portfolios.

Vivum's name comes from the Roman real estate lending concept "vadium vivum" or the "living pledge." The Roman concept of a living pledge was the birth of financial liquidity in an illiquid asset class. Today, we know of the living pledge as a mortgage. This financial innovation forever changed how land was used. We selected this name because of our long-standing passion for real estate and the significance of what real property can yield to an investor if managed correctly.

Just as the concept of the living pledge was significant in the development of real estate, so too technology that is properly designed can lead to dramatic improvements for the real estate investor. Today's competitive and time sensitive landscape makes owning, investing, and managing property more complex. We endeavor to address the needs of traditional asset management with the power of cutting edge technology.

Our background as property owners, investors, and managers, combined with our expertise in cutting-edge technology, led us to realize that the software industry has lagged behind other industries in offering solutions to the commercial real estate market. The few applications used widely by the industry have failed to evolve adequately with available technology. Vivum's vision is to bring user-friendly technology to decision-makers so they have access to the information they need. We provide property owners and asset managers with tools to improve their investment returns and make their daily tasks easier.

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